2022 | 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW

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The Bainum Family Foundation seeks to enhance our organizational performance by intentionally connecting our learning to our actions so we can achieve our desired  results — all while keeping community needs at the center of all we do.

We are thrilled to present the 2022–2023 Year in Review for the Bainum Family Foundation. This report represents a significant step toward advancing our learning and impact practices — and highlights our progress toward our vision of a society where all children thrive. Our intent was to capture, analyze, and share performance and impact  data through the lens of our learning agenda — the core questions we need to understand and answer to understand our impact and advance our mission and vision. In other words, these questions represent what matters most to us.

Organizational Learning: How well are we living out our core strategic approaches to advance our mission and vision?

Programmatic Learning: How well are we programmatically contributing to progress on our mission and vision?

Operational Learning: How well are our key capabilities advancing programmatic and organizational strategies?

This report provides a high-level overview of performance, impact, insights, and partner-impact stories from FY23.

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Stories of our year